“Writing About Ants And Animals Pays Than Writing About Ghanaian Celebs” – Blogger blasts Big Akwes

Not long ago, Ghanaian actor, Big Akwes, verbally attacked a blogger to extent of showering curses on him at an event, reacting to this is a rich blogger, Israel Boafo Bansah, who has revealed that actually writing about animals pays better than writing about Ghanaian celebrities.

Last week, Big Akwes cursed a blogger who told him the hard truth in the face when the actor appeared late at a press conference.

Fast forward, Israel Boafo Bansah, via a facebook post has advised Ghanaian bloggers to know their worth.

According to the blogger, Ghanaian bloggers should not lower the standards or beg celebrities because writing about them are not even worth it as compared to other niches.

Other bloggers have reacted to this fact, and the developments will surprise you to know as bloggers attested to the fact established by Israel.

Israel Boafo Bansah wrote;

“Dear Bloggers,

Don’t allow these so called celebrities to take you for a ride. Most people think these celebrities are doing us a favor and without them, bloggers can’t survive.

What they don’t know is that writing on ants, lizards, toys, wheelchairs and all those useless things pays more than writing on the biggest celebrity in Ghana/Africa.

Know your worth, bloggers are not poor as they think. We can survive with or without them !!”

Some Ghanaian bloggers have reacted to his Facebook post positively and from comments monitored, some Ghanaian bloggers are even richer and doing well than most of these so-called celebrities.


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