Dr Likee should never act alongside Lilwin else he will k!ll his career – Big Akwes advises (Video)

Big Akwes has sent out a piece of brotherly advice to Youtube sensation, Dr Likee, and all the promising actors and actresses in his most recent interview with Poleeno Multimedia.

On the authority of Big Akwes who seems to know more than we all do, Lilwin is a career and shine killer therefore people should be very careful of him.

Whiles speaking in the course of the interview, he cautioned Dr Likee and further warned him to never accept to act alongside Lilwin because his career will never be the same after such an encounter.

He further referenced how Nana Yeboah’s shine has died off after he was featured in one of Lilwin’s TV series. Big Akwes additionally added that Lilwin is a lover of black magic and he will go all ends to see to the downfall of his rival.

Check out the video below to know more

Source: Gossips24.com

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