Man Who wanted to Use her 11 year Old Girl Fights Journalists In Court Today

Evans Oppong Kyekeku almost exchanged brawl with journalists in Court Today for attempting to film him.

The 47 year old burger was angry with journalists poured on his way to court. According to him, he does not understand why journalist must be so interested and following his case. Besides he claims no one has the right to take either pictures or videos without his concern or that of the lawyers.

But for the police escort, the suspected murderer would have physically assaulted the approaching reporters.

“Stupid, village journalists! where in the world will you chase a suspect like this to record him without his concern or the lawyer’s”. He busted after prevented by police escort to attack the journalist.

Meanwhile the plea from his lawyer for bail pending trial was denied by the court. He is to reappear before the court on July 4th 2022.

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