What Shatta Wale Did Was Very Stupid – Ola Michael

Entertainment pundit Ola Michael has lashed out at self-acclaimed Dancehall King Shatta Wale for the stupid’ behavior he decided to put up at the Vodafone Ghana Music Awards 20th anniversary event which came off at the AICC on May 18. 

Sharing his views on Facebook with regards to the unfortunate scenes from the VGMA last night, Ola questioned why Shatta Wale decided to go to the stage when Stonebwoy was named the winner of the Reggae/Dancehall Artiste of The Year. 

He asks why he failed to turn up for his own awards when he was called on but decided to be the father of congratulations when a known ‘rival’ is awarded. 

Ola Michael did not leave out Stonebwoy as he gave him a fair share of the hot pie. He stated that it was also stupid on the part of Stonebwoy to decided to pull at a gun on live TV. 

The movie director and critic requested that event organizers should as a matter of urgency have a discussion and possibly ban the two from performing on any stage for two years just to help them learn some sense.

Read Ola Michael’s full post on facebook below: 


The stupid seed that most gatekeepers refused to nip in the bud, just showed signs of maturity.
We speak our minds and let some dimwits try nonsense ,they will see the other side of us!

Ghana cannot belong to only two people! Never! We have sat down and pampered people because of fear of insults from some block headed fans.

This is where we are heading. Destroying investment interest with our wayward lifestyle. Destroying the future and building a past that the Americans wish never to visit!

So stupid! What the fuck did you go to the stage for? Is it your award? Should every award be given to you? Such abject stupidity!

You decided to stay home and couldn’t climb stage for two already won awards, that we all voted for you to win and now want to climb stage when your rival had won just one?

What Shatta did was very very stupid! This is our country! This is our Industry! No single individual can set rules and control how we live. Musicians will come and go but the industry will stay!

What kind of nonsense is that?

And some idiots are trumpeting that he went to congratulate Stonebwoy? What happened to standing where you are, to just applaud the person? Did that wisdom elude us over tramadol or what?

Who goes on stage to congratulate with an army? Who does that? Stop this balderdash and let’s take a sigh of relieve.

And how did stonebwoy get the chance to enter the place with a gun? What prompted the need of gun in the auditorium? That is stupid! I don’t remember ever seeing this in the most violent nation’s, why Ghana?

Stonebwoy has got anger issues so why did they allow him to take a gun inside? That is stupid of him to pull a gun in front of millions of people watching the program! Very stupid!

And he had the effrontery,not shame to come on stage to try to incite people against Shatta? Nonsense! Your key was to control that stupid trigger happy attitude! This foolishness should be stopped!

These two should be given two years ban from performing in any stage in Ghana and let’s see if such moonshine will ever repeat itself in Ghana!?

What kind of foolishness is that? And out of cowardice we don’t want to talk about this?

We won’t wait for this to grow into another Biggy Small -Tupac war! Ban the two dimwits from performing in Ghana for sometime and you will see the change!


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