We Know The Whereabouts Of Our Taadi Girls – Bryan Acheampong

Bryan Acheampong who is the Minister of state in charge of the National security has disclosed that his outfit and other security agencies in the country are aware of the whereabouts of the three kidnapped Takoradi girls and are doing their possible best to reunite them with their families.

Speaking in an interview with Asempa FM, Bryan Acheampong revealed that the girls are alive and kicking urging that people stop keep spreading false rumours that they are dead.

He, however, said in the interview that though they are trying their best, it’s not simple to bring the girls back to Ghana but would continue pushing until they make a breakthrough.

‘In terms of country where investigation is leading, I think we know where the Takoradi kidnapped girls are…And so people will put the question if you know where the girls are, then go and bring them. It’s not as easy as that and that is where I want to clarify so you don’t put it in the minds of people that we say we know where they are. We know the country they are in and we are doing everything possible to bring them back. The information we have now, they are fine, they don’t wish to be where they were but we know that they are fine, if it was otherwise, we would have known’. he said in the interview.

Speaking on the recent rescue of the Canadian ladies he said they knew the hideouts of the kidnappers of the Canadian women hence their arrest adding that the Takoradi girls will also be rescued.

‘We knew the Canadians were in Ghana, we knew they had not crossed our borders, we knew that even though we had trailed the kidnappers from Aflao to Ashaiman to Kumasi and certain sections of Kumasi, we knew that they were not in Ashaiman, we knew they were in Kumasi, then we drilled down until we got to a house,’ the Minister emphasized.

The kidnapped girls: Priscilla Bentum was kidnapped in August 2018, followed by Priscilla Mantebea Koranchie and Ruth Love Quayson in December same year respectively

His comment about knowing the whereabouts of the Taadi girls is the second that we’ve heard with the first one coming from the CID boss who later came to apologize saying she lied just to give hope to the affected families.

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