Viral Video Of Dede Ayew Sprinkling White Powder On The Field Before Black Stars Game Gets Ghanaians Talking

Black Stars captain, André Dede Ayew, has been spotted throwing white powder on the ground before their match, and this has sparked a debate on social media as to what it symbolizes.

The Black Stars were knocked out of the AFCON, and a video showing Dede Ayew spreading white powder on the pitch before their match went viral a few days later, eliciting conflicting emotions from social media users.

The most common question is what precisely he was sprinkling on the pitch and why, since some feel it has a significance that may have resulted in Ghana getting thrown out of the game during the group stage.

Others don’t find anything wrong with someone sprinkling stuff on the field before a game, questioning the significance of the video uploaded because they see nothing positive or negative in it.

Some people have questioned why Dede Ayew will be dusting that white powder on the field and what its function is, especially because some of the other players were spotted on the pitch with him but didn’t seem to notice what he was doing.

Watch the video below;

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