(+Video)Church Is Boring And I Don’t Need It-Sister Derby

Ghanaian musician cum model Deborah Venessa who is known in the music industry as Sister Derby has made a very shocking revelation about herself and why she doesn’t like to attend church.

Sister Derby who was speaking during an interview revealed that she is not a fun of religion and churches because it is a waste of time and also boring.

According to her, there is nothing wrong in somebody telling her something which they feel is right but the idea of going to sit in front of a “pastor” to preach to her is something which she would not do no matter what.

She further went ahead to reveal that tho she wouldn’t go to church she is not going to say that there is no God who created the heavens and the heart.

Sister Derby further went ahead to reveal that she failed some subjects because she was soo much into going to church and praying whiles she had exams to write and that was one thing which she regret.

watch the video below;

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