VIDEO – People Mind Their Business As Lady Attempts To Rape A Man In Public

In a shocking video that has gone viral on social media, an unknown lady was seen trying to forcefully pull off the underwear the man was wearing after overpowering him.

What is intriguing is this was happening publicly in broad daylight.

To our surprise, from the video, nobody wanted to help the man as the lady tried to rape him in public.

It appears people were too busy with everybody was minding his business.

But one man later summoned courage and confronted the lady, while the male victim fled. The lady fought the good Samaritan who came to help the victim.

Shocked Twitter user, Uncle Tomi
@TomyyO_, shared the video which has amassed over 2 million views in just hours, and wrote:

“So everybody was just going to stand there watching her rape him??????? I can swear the energy is different when the genders are switched.”

It’s not clear where the incident happened. But some are guessing it may be Jamaica.

Watch the shocking video and see reactions…


Reactions from twitter users, Lady Attempts To Rape Man In Public
Reactions from twitter users; Lady Attempts To Rape Man In Public
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