VIDEO: Pastor Reveals He Hates & Hasn’t Drank Water For The Past 8 Years

Despite the benefits of drinking water to stay hydrated and help fuel many of the processes that get the body through the day, a self-acclaimed Pastor has said he has exchanged the intake of water for soft drinks for the past eight years.

“When you look at my skin, the year November 15, 2011 was the last time I took my bath. August 2012 was the last time I drank water.” He said.

According to the man who gave his name as Samuel Marfo alias Misty Coke, he took his decision based on instances from the Bible.

“In the Kingdom of God, the Bible makes us understand that people blessed people with wine. Isaac for instance, blessed his son Jacob with wine. God also also blessed the land with water. The water used to grow fruits and those fruits are turned into wines and other drinks.”

On why he does not take his bath, he claimed the Bible talks about inward cleanliness before the outward appearance arguing that sin signifies death.

“Sin is death. So when you take out sin from your life, it’s clean. That is why Jesus said clean what is inside before concentrating on the outside. So I don’t have evil thoughts. I only think about the responsibilities I have.”

He added that, “the only power an individual has is when he executes his responsibilities well. So the moment I wake up, I think about my responsibilities. How to take care of my family and how to take good care of myself.”


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