(+Video) Dead Woman Comes Back To Life At Mortuary

A video fast making waves on social media and at the disposal of Gossips24.com has shown a moment when a woman brought to the mortuary dead came back to life.

The woman was said to have been brought in dead by her family and had done all the documentation and was about to be operated by the Anatomist when she got up all of a sudden.

According to a voice in the video, the woman was confirmed dead and was taken to the mortuary at the University of Benin. As soon as the Anatomy students were about to start work on the woman as a dead person, she rose back to life.

The student after seeing the woman getting up fleed out of fear but was said to have come back to help the woman as they thanked God for bringing her back to life.

The incident which took place in  Benin, Edo State has left many in a state of shock as they wondered how that could be possible.

Watch the video below;

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