Twene Jonas Stole My Father’s Money To Travel Abroad With Her Sister-Lady Shockingly Reveals(Video)

A lady who happens to be an estranged friend of social media personality Twene Jonas has come out to make some shocking revelations about him.

According to the lady whose name was identified as Daakye Hemaa, Twene Jonas used to work for his father in his company at Suame when he was in Ghana but stole from the poor man to travel outside the country.

Daakye Hemaa who is angry by the evil act done to his father revealed that Twene’s act caused his father to lose his job as well as everything he had ever worked for in life.

She further went ahead to reveal that his father now works as a palm wine tapper in the village due to the inhuman attitude of the “Glass Nkoaa” originator and is unable to even afford a three-square meal.

Daakye who couldn’t leave to the sister of Twene revealed that she is aware of the bad things which his brother did to her father but has remained quiet because it is his own blood brother.

Watch the video below;

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