Twene Jonas Spotted Sleeping On Bundles Of Dollar Notes

Ghanaian social media commentator and critic Twene Jonas has taken to social media to prove that he is indeed very rich and living a lavish life in a picture which he shared on his social media handles.

Twene who is known for criticizing the government on issues related to the development of the country was seen in the picture that has done viral sleeping on a bed that was filled with plenty of 100 dollar notes.

In another video, the “glass nkoaa” originator was seen holding the latest iPhone 13 which cost millions of cedis as he pretended to be making a call with the bundles of dollars just to prove how rich he has become just by relocating from the village called Ghana to the USA.

Sharing the pictures on social media he wrote saying;

“With hard work and effort, you can achieve anything. I just finished counting $5 million dollars, I’m tired but I’mma bring you Warm Up soon. Happy Thanksgiving to y’all. The system is working 24/7?? Glass Nkoaa ? Hw3 fomm ? Dollars Nkoaa?? Hw3 fomm ? We run the city ? @saydadonagm“

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