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TV PRESENTER IMPREGNATED BY 4 MARRIED MEN: TV3’s Natalie Fort Becomes Latest Target

Popular TV3 News Anchor, Natalie Fort has become the latest target as social media users uncover who the pregnant ‘N’ newsreader is.

The 23-year-old recently looked pregnant as alleged in photo shared on her clothing line page on Instagram, and this has got many thinking she might be the one.

Natalie Fort
Baby Bump Photo: Is she pregnant?

Lately, Natalie Fort hasn’t been seen on Tv Screens which has got fans questioning her absence on the screens. Just yesterday, a fan of Natalie asked why she has been off the screens.

TV3's Natalie Fort

Known for being the face of Tv3’s News 360, her alleged pregnancy for many on social media appears to be the reason why she has been off the screen for some time now.

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According to the report which drew our attention to Natalie’s state, the said presenter involved in the scandal with her name beginning with letter ‘N’ is having an affair with a colleague at work who is among the four who impregnated her. [READ FULL REPORT HERE]

Mind you, observers claim, Natalie Fort and colleague news anchor, Alfred Ocansey have been off the screens which brings lots of questions on board. 

TV3's Natalie Fort
Alfred and Natalie Fort

According to, Natalie Fort is said to be romantically linked to Alfred Ocansey, her co-anchor on TV3 News 360 Bulletin. We however can’t tell if Ocansey is responsible for the pregnancy! – if she is indeed pregnant!

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Natalie is a product of the Ghana International School (GIS), Merton International, the Royal Academy of Music and the Accra Film School, where she studied television presentation and script writing, Natalie is fast becoming one of Ghana’s most notable presenters on television.

The former model made her debut in broadcast journalism in 2015 and within some few years has become one of the most recognizable faces on TV.

Natalie Fort, who had no training or education in journalism, was a model for 7 years prior to her journalism career.


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