Medikal calls Sister Derby ‘borla bird’

Emotions got out of hand I guess, from what I am seeing, Medikal is not happy with the recent revelations Derby has been making in her interviews – he is obviously mad at himself.

The rapper has a wedding coming up – he said it himself – and wouldn’t want anything to ruin that, but that won’t stop him from throwing a shade or two in literal posts on social media.

Medikal made a cryptic post on his twitter timeline and i am highly optimistic that he was referring to Derby.

The rapper wrote, “Separate the girls from the borla birds ! 😡“.

The above statement was not a line from any of his songs, but rather a command that people should stop comparing his girl – Fella Makafui – to the borla bird – Sister Derby.

Why do I think Derby is the Borla Bird?

Medikal’s statement comes just a few days after Derby annulled all the speculations surrounding their break up.

We also know that borla birds are physically skinny, or slim, or better still bony, which is a clear description of Derby who is slim when compared to Fella.

The rapper also accompanied his worlds with an angry face emoji which signifies the mood he found himself in during the making of the tweet.

Perhaps he was angry with Derby’s utterances and needed to say something literal.

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