Celebrated Ghanaian movie producer who doubles as an actress, Tracey Boakye has landed herself into big trouble citing from the hot missiles which has been aggressively fired at her by Mzbel and users of various social media networks amidst the ongoing feud with the 16 years hitmaker,

Well, latest on this d!ck battle is a bombshell dropped on the head of Tracey Boakye by a social media detective who works with the Instagram branch of the CIA.

Let’s think back to the moment former President John Dramani Mahama was critically tagged as the old sugar daddy which Tracey Boakye and Mzbel were fiercely fighting over which the former rubbished such claims in one of her 1 million rants videos.

Well, it seems John Mahama’s name still remains in the brouhaha even though Tracey Boakye had cleared his name off the scene.

According to this anonymous social media detective, Tracey Boakye acquired all the expensive properties she has been flaunting on social media by blackmailing John Mahama after she got access to some vital information from his phone after he deeply fell asleep in the wake of their infamous alleged one-stand

As alleged by this this e-investigator, popular NDC staunch supporter known as Appiah Stadium introduced Tracey Boakye to John Mahama but Tracey later ditched after she got what she wanted

This unidentified Ig user additionally warned Tracey Boakye to remain mute else more dirty secrets of hers will be dropped in the local cyberspace



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