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Top 10 Ghanaian rappers in 2020

The rap genre in Ghana has become widely accepted as it has -arguably – won Ghana more international honours than any other genre in Ghana.

Today, we present a list of top 10 Ghanaian rappers in 2020 who are doing amazingly well in the rap genre.

We all know for a fact that the genre is always giving birth to new talents and one cannot take that away since the skills involved and the achievement of frontliners has become an enviable one among the youth who aspire to be like these frontline rap ambassadors.

Our list of top 10 Ghanaian rappers in 2020 captures award-winners and others who have stayed true to the rap genre in the last five to ten years.

You cannot have a list of top 10 Ghanaian rappers in 2020 without the likes of Manifest, EL, Sarkodie, Strongman, Omar Sterling, TeePhlow, and other prominent artistes spearheading the genre.

Check out the full list of Top 10 Ghanaian rapper in 2020 below:

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