Thousands Of KNUST Students Deferred For Allegedly Using Fees To Stake Bet

At least 6,000 students have been affected by the decision, according the university.

University Relations Officer, Dr Daniel Norris Bekoe, told Citi News that the decision was justified. He said some recalcitrant students had used fees from their parents and guardians for sports-related betting and other unacceptable activities.

In a report filed by, Dr Bekoe said there’s evidence to back the claim that students have used their money for the wrong reasons.

“We have had parents call us to tell us they have given their wards the fees. And we know…it is open secret that a lot of students are doing sports betting. In fact only a handful of the students have not paid. “About 92% of the 88,000 students population have paid their fees and duly registered for their course. We are having to deal with only 8% of the students population in this issue,” the told

Dr Bekoe added that some of the affected students have been able to cough out the fees after receiving the text messages suggesting that many of the students needed a nudge.

KNUST students deferment

Many affected students have claimed that they genuinely do not have the fees. Some of them told Citi News that applications for students’ bursaries and some scholarships schemes are yet to take effect.

They have appealed to the university to extend the deadline.

Dr Bekoe said students who come forward within a reasonable time could be pardoned.

“Let them come, we will see what we can do for them,” he said.

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