KNUST Authorities Block Students’ Wifi Access Over Sports Betting

Students of the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology (KNUST) in Kumasi have kicked against moves by the school authorities to control sports betting on campus.

The Information Technology Department has already blocked access to all betting sites on the university’s internet wifi system, pending a final decision by the academic board.

Acting University Relations Officer, James Oberko says the practice is becoming pervasive at the expense of academic work.

“The subject is at various level of discussion but the decision has not been taken so we cannot talk about the issue in the light of it being a decision by the university,” he told Joy News.

According to him, the subject of deliberation has been gambling and its effects on students.

The action is to ensure strict adherence with the order consequently, KNUST has decided against accepting donation or sponsorship from companies engaged or related to sports betting and gambling.

“It [betting] has reached levels that we cannot be proud of as a university set up to train minds and people to be responsible citizens for the nation in the future. However, gambling has taken a huge toll on their academic work and that is of concern to us,” Mr Oberko stated.

In a shocking move, some students are however protesting the decision to control the wifi system.

They say it is an attempt to block them from using the wifi since they can use their private means to bet.


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