GOSSIP: Showboy’s Girlfriend Dumped Him After He Was Jailed

Its sad how this modern day for better for worse is taken for granted or never said with seriousness, women they say, move on quickly and Showboy’s girlfriend is no exception per the gossip in town.

The girl Showboy has been rolling with for four years was rolling with for years before he was jailed has just dumped him after he was sent to prison.

According to the reports sighted on Showbiy’s Snapchat handle, the girl claims she wants someone she can talk to often and not someone far away.

The reports further revealed that the beautiful sweet lady who was enjoying the goodies of Showboy when he was a free man is now dating a Nigerian after Showboy was sent to prison.

The shocking news has become one of the gossips on social media with many making references to some women’s inability to stick around their men when a calamity falls.

A couple of months ago, Showboy was sentenced to 15 years in jail with 6 years custodial sentence for stabbing his friend, Junior US during a fight in 2017 in the USA. He was convicted of aggravated battery but was exonerated of aggravated assault.

Just a month after Showboy was jailed, 2 black armed robbers with the help of 3 ladies connived and got Junior US murdered at Philadelphia, USA.

He was recently buried in Kumasi after his best friend, Oboy Murphy flew his body to Ghana last month. He was buried at Antoa Abirem and the funeral service was held at Krofrom Kumasi.

Although the police are suspecting he was killed by armed robbers, others believe Showboy could have a hand in his death since he allegedly threatened to kill Junior US if he is ever sent to jail.

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