One Of Junior US Killers Surrenders To The Police

It is becoming so true that a hustler’s spirit never sleeps, it keeps on hustling for the right and wrong reasons and that is what Junior US spirit is doing right now to expose his killers.

A post made by close relatives of Late Junior Us states that one of the Assassins have voluntarily turned himself into the police and has Promised to assist the police in arresting the rest of the Assassins.

It could be recalled that Loud Mouth vlogger Stanley Kodia first broke the news that after Junior flaunted bundles of Dollars on his social media handles, he called some ladies to come by his house and have fun with him.

KOD stressed that the ladies invited came along with armed robbers who shot Junior straight into his grave.

As it stands now, investigation is still ongoing to bring the others to book.

But it seems Close friends of the deceased claim the stories out there stating he was killed by some prostitutes are all false.

We will follow keenly and keep you posted.

, JUST IN: One Of Junior Us K!llers Voluntarily Turns in to the Police, Two More to Go, GHSPLASH.COM

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