Shocking Moment When Cardi B Was Seen Officiating A Lesbian Wedding

A shocking video making waves on social media has shown a moment when Americain Rapper Cardi B was spotted officiating a lesbian wedding.

According to Cardi B who shared the post on her Twitter handle, she has been given the license to marry people so she decided to try it out for officiating the wedding of a lesbian couple.

The mother of two who was happy to help the couple get married post a video with the caption that read;

“By the way WORLD I’m licensed to marry people ….sooo yea… I do it all and this was such a fulfilling thing to do and Raven was soo fun I was sooo starstruck,”

The video which was released was said to have been done in celebration of the National Coming Out Day and was said to have been shot in June when Cardi B was just some weeks away from giving birth with his husband offset.

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