See What Actress Gloria Sarfo Did To Fan Who Asked Her To Hit The Gym

Ghanaian actress Gloria Sarfo has decided not to tolerate nonsense on her instagram wall this year, and its going to be a no go area for followers who think they can just go and throw shades at her.

Yesterday, we reported on one fan, Naomi, who mocked the fashion sense of the ‘Efie Wura‘ actress and got a hell of a reply from the actress.

Well, another fan has fallen victim to the fighter, Gloria Sarfo, on instagram.

We all bear witness that Gloria Sarfo has gained twice her initial weight which has got people questioning the female actress as to whether she is pregnant or not. With no definite answer to give to such questions, Gloria has left the world clueless on her reason behind her current look.

Gloria Sarfo before
Gloria Sarfo before

A user, Ebo Taylor, advised the actress who has gained more weight to hit the gym and stop fooling on instagram with her ‘baloon’ body.

Gloria Sarfo after
Gloria Sarfo after

Gloria who claims she has been blessed by God and living good has reacted to the advise given to her by the fan/follower.

Beneath one of Gloria’s fat looking posts, Ebo Taylor wrote; “Instead of this nonsense, hit the gym and trim that nasty stomach ahead of you“.

Check out Gloria’s reply;

Gloria Sarfo
Gloria Sarfo’s reply
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