“You Stole A V8” – Samini asks John Dumelo to stop commenting on Government building a new chamber

Renowned Dancehall artist, Samini has dragged John Dumelo to the cleaners for passing comments on Government’s intention to build a $200m chamber for parliament.

There has been a hashtag #DropThatChamber trending on Twitter, and one of the key personalities joining to push the trend is Ghanaian actor, John Dumelo.

In couple of tweets sighted by Gossips24.com the actor cum politician stated it was needless for parliament to build a new chamber for now. He added the said amount involved in the building of the new chamber can equally be used to refurbish Korle-Bu Teaching hospital.

John Dumelo in series of tweets wrote,:

“I have a strong feeling Parliament will not go ahead with the proposed new chamber building. At least not now. There are other important things to tackle immediately ie jobs for the youth, good healthcare, roads etc. #dropthatchamber”

“This is a nationalistic issue. D youth want jobs, doctors want new clinics to provide better health care, kids wants roofs over their heads in their “schools”. Someday parliament will need a new chamber, but not now. I know they will listen and they will drop that chamber. #DTC”

“Parliamentarians are doing a fantastic job but the chamber is not needed now. The youth are pleading.  #DropThatChamber”

“$200m can can build 10 factories to employ 10,000 youth. We the youth are pleading with parliament. Yes it’s necessary but pls don’t build that chamber now. #DropThatChamber”

“$200m can completely refurbish Korle-bu and even build more hospitals so Ghanaians stop dying from lack of oxygen, beds, drugs etc. We are pleading with parliament not to build that chamber now. #DropThatChamber”

Right after John Dumelo’s tweet, Samini came to reply him that he (Dumelo) also allegedly stole V8 car so he has no moral rights to comment until he has cleared the air if he did or did not steal it.

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