Renowned Counsellor Reveals Why Most Female Celebrities Are Still Single

Months ago i made a list on beautiful female celebrities in Ghana who are still single and for christ sake! i don’t know why they are unmarried, well, you can check that piece here [READ].

However, we think an answer has been given to my long pending question by a famous counselor – I love her views so much.

According to Dr Mrs Charlotte Oduro, women need to be submissive to their husbands for an enjoyable marriage life

To her, most female celebrities in Ghana are not married or are divorced because they seem to lose touch with this reality.

In an interview monitored by, she said, “Some of the stars here, they go to the gym, they are beautiful, do they have husbands? They marry today, they walking out because they have patience they can’t wait. He cheated on me, when I saw the calls, I saw the messages he’s sleeping with somebody”.

She also mentioned that it’s not in the place of a woman to insult her husband but rather women must be patient, care their husbands, and make love to them before they finally lay their plea before them.

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