Hot But Single Ghanaian Female Celebrities Who Aren’t Searching

From all indications there are hot but single female celebrities in Ghana, who aren’t searching or looking forward to settle down with a man anytime soon, yes.

Well, from social media posts to interviews  and personal lifestyles, has compiled a list of single female celebrities who aren’t searching.

These ladies are well known, opinionated, entrepreneurs and also doing well on their own without men. Some of them have suffered broken hearts, others are aging, and others single parents with their baby daddies unwilling to marry them.

Here is a list of Five hot but single female celebrities who aren’t searching and why they aren’t searching per our findings.

  1. Joselyn Dumas

Joselyn Dumas is a 39yr-old Ghanaian television host and actress. She is one of the hottest female celebrities in Ghana, still unmarried but shows no signs of settling down soon with a man, none that she has mentioned of in any of her interviews we’ve listened to.

She was the only female host for the maiden edition of the 3 Music Awards, which was in 2018. We believe that Joselyn’s reason for staying single might be her class and how men fear to approach a woman of high standards.

Joselyn Dumas, single female celebrities who aren't searching
Joselyn Dumas

2. Yvonne Okoro

Yvonne is a 35yr-old Ghanaian-born Nigerian actress, who currently lives in Ghana. Yvonne is the perfect definition for ‘rich and hot’, but she is still single. On instagram, all Yvonne talks about are his siblings, no man. The last time we saw a man on Yvonne’s calendar was ‘God knows when’. Well, it appears the actress cum Tv presenter has trust issues, and she fears her heart might be broken by one silly man. Though she is attractive and skilled, Yvonne seems not to be ready to settle down.

single female celebrities who aren't searching, Yvonne Okoro
Yvonne Okoro

3. Juliet Ibrahim

Ghanaian by nationality, 33yr-old Juliet Ibrahim, is an actress who has won many accolades yet failed to win a permanent marriage – we can’t blame her though. She is too hot for one man to keep. Juliet was married to Kwadwo Safo Jnr. but divorced and went their separate ways in 2014, which saw series of nigerian men being her taste, with her last ex being Iceberg Slim. Julliet, we recall is one of the female celebrities who has suffered broken heart several times and we doubt she is ever going to give her heart to another man. She is good looking, rich and single, but not ready to mingle.

single female celebrities who aren't searching, Juliet Ibrahim
Juliet Ibrahim


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