VIDEO – Prophet Reveals Actress Vicky Zugah Has Been Cursed, She Can Never Marry!

OTHERS like myself, have wondered why Ghanaian actress Vicky Zugah looks so beautiful but has failed to settle with a man – now i wonder no more as the truth is uncovered.

Emerging man of God, Prince Elisha Osei Kofi known in the public domain as Prophet Major has revealed the mystery behind Vicky Zugah’s woes with men.

According to the man of God, who once delivered Koby Rana from his problems, Vicky Zugah has been cursed by an unknown woman.

In a video sighted by, Prophet Major revealed that Vicky Zugah can never settle with a man because the actress during her school days was having an affair with a married man, who assaulted the wife in the presence of the actress, after she stormed Vicky’s school to warn her to stay away from her husband.

In the video, the Prophet during the deliverance session revealed that the woman placed a spiritual curse on the actress to go through the bitter experience she has cursed her and that is why she has never had a successful marriage.

According to Prophet Major, Vicky is currently in a relationship with one rich young guy, by name Kelvin, who is promising to marry her soon.

He, however, added that the said man has a wife and a kid abroad and the wife has already heard the actress is having an affair with her husband, therefore, she is planning to attack her soon.

There is a guy you are dating, there is a guy you are dating. The guy is not a public person, but he is a well to do man, he is not married but he is a young man in his late 30’s getting to his 40’s. And this man, the name i am hearing, the name i am hearing is Kelvin and I see him in a firm firm firm, law firm. And he has been dating you for marriage. In fact three days ago, the guy promised you a new car. But the truth of the matter is the guy has lied to Vicky, the guy has not told Vicky that he is married with a child in America and your pictures have been sent to the wife in America and they are monitoring your movement…… the people given the job are delaying so the lady is coming, You must not have a husband

Prophet Major told Vicky Zugah

The man of God promised to deliver the actress from the curse, which will see her have a very happy relationship/marriage soon. However, it is unclear if the video is old a new.


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