Pope Skinny Reacts After Been Sacked From SM Movement, Releases A Whole Song For Shatta Wale (Video)

You remember during our primary school days, when you are not in talking terms with someone, you tag the person as ‘Ochokobila’ … Umm, I don’t know who even invented that term, but the good news is that, we know what it means and we all had some ‘Ochokobila’ during our primary and junior high school days.

Well, Shatta Wale is now Pope Skinny’s ‘Ochokobila’ and he’s made it known in a new song he’s released exclusively for him, by using that as a title.

Remember just some few days ago, we reported that Pope Skinny and some other SM members like Blade who was the only doctor in the camp, Good Over Evil, and others have all been sacked by Shatta Wale.

It wasn’t the first time Shatta Wale would sack close friends from the camp. We remember Deportee, the guy who chopped Wale’s cement money and several others… I bet you remember their names so this is not surprising.

Wale has since then been throwing jabs at them on Social media especially on his Snapchat and now someone has a response for him.

So in this new song ‘Ochokobila’ which he shot a music video for, he tagged Shatta Wale as someone who’s envious of others also prospering in life and states that, no matter what he would still make it in life and fly to any country he wants. (that’s cos Wale said on Snap that, he’s been buying their tickets for them).

Watch video below:

Source: Ghbase.com

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