Policeman Who Destroyed Student’s iPhone For Being Expensive Has Been Arrested

The Policeman who destroyed a DELSU student’s phone for being ‘expensive’, has been arrested as confirmed by the Delta State commissioner of police.

There were reports earlier that an eyewitness revealed the incident occurred at Okpe, Delta State after a bus conveying students was stopped was for a search.

The normal routine was however taken further, as the policeman searched the phones of the passengers in which he found one of them using an iPhone.

The policeman who claimed the student was into something illegal because he owns an iPhone, told those present that he has been 14 years in service and can’t afford the iPhone which costs as much aN200K.

While the matter was dragged for too long as he was prevented from taking the boy away, the policeman reportedly destroyed the phone which belongs to the DELSU Student by smashing it angrily on the ground.

However the Nigerian police in new tweets today who confirmed that the Policeman who destroyed DELSU student’s phone has been arrested, tweeted;

The commissioner of Police Delta State Command has confirmed that the police SGT reported to have harrassed and embarrassed an innocent student is now in police custody. Also, orderly trial has commenced and the preceding will bring out appropriate disciplinary action on him. The Force wishes to state that such behavioral pattern is not a true reflection of Nigeria Police Force especially under the leadership of Inspector General of police, Ag. IGP MA Adamu.

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