Police begin investigations into Maamobi child stealing incident

The police are investigating a West African national who attempted to steal a four-year-old boy at Maamobi in Accra on Sunday.

The suspect was arrested by some residents after he reportedly tried to lure the four-year-old boy into a black Toyota vehicle close by.

The Public Relations Officer (PRO) of the Greater Accra Regional Police, ASP Afia Tenge told Citi News that the suspect was mobbed by angry residents after his other four accomplices managed to escape.

“Statements have been taken from the complaint. We have heard that others are using the word kidnap. We want to caution members of the public against its usage. It is appropriate that we use the word stealing since we do know not the intent behind it. So the case is under investigations and any update will be shared with the public.”

“The Kotobabi Police had a complaint that somebody attempted to steal a child around the Maamobi General Hospital and it led to the beating of one of the suspects. What the police gathered was that there was this four-year-old child who was playing within the neighbourhood and there were some other four gentlemen who were in a black Toyota vehicle but the residents did not take the car number.”

How the suspect was handed over to the police

According to ASP Tenge, the suspect who was beaten by the mob was receiving medical attention.

He was later brought to the police station after another resident succeeded in rescuing him.

“One of them [suspects] was trying to lure the child into the car. When the child refused, he eventually held the child and when the child was struggling to free himself from this man, someone from the neighbourhood spotted them, questioned them on where they were taking the child to and according to the gentleman, the mother of the child was in the said black Toyota vehicle.”

“This did not sound convincing to the person questioning the gentleman. So, he quickly raised an alarm and that led to his arrest. But unfortunately, those in the Toyota black vehicle sped off. He was being beaten while somebody within the neighbourhood managed to rescue him and brought him to the police station. He is currently receiving treatment at the hospital,” she added.

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