Fameye’s Manager, Ogidi Brown Talks About What Led To His Fight With Fameye

The manager of fast-rising artist Fameye has revealed in an interview what really transpired before the heated argument between his artist and himself.

According to Ogidi Brown, his artist, Fameye became so disrespectful after his single ‘Nothing I Get’ became a hit and started misbehaving towards his management.

The CEO of OGB Music also disclosed that Fameye had the notion that since Ogidi Brown is a rich man, any amount of money they get from shows should be given to him (Fameye).

He also added that Fameye performed on several shows in Ghana and did features with other musicians which he didn’t inform him about and kept all the money for himself.

Ogidi Brown also disclosed that Fameye had an argument with him on their Whatsapp group when he travelled to Germany over the promotion of his ‘Nothing I get’ remix.

He stated that Fameye angrily left the Whatsapp group and changed his name on Instagram from ‘OGB Fameye’ to ‘Fameye Music’ after he told Ogidi Brown that he is no longer his manager.

He also added that he was expecting Fameye to arrive in Italy at a particular date but he refused to show up and when he did, failed to contact his manager.

According to Ogidi Brow, Fameye has had issues with almost everyone in the management team including Owen.

Watch the video below;

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