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Nigerians Have Condemned President Buhari’s Speech as He Failed to Satisfy their Expectations.

Many Nigerians have expressed displeasure in the speech delivered by their President Muhammadu Buhari in relation to the mayhem going on in the country.

Prior to the address by the President, the people had expressed disappointment in the silence of the President as he failed to react to the ongoing protests and its assistant violence. So when it was announced that he was going to address the situation, they got happy and were hopeful that something good was going to be birthed from the address.

Unfortunately, Nigerians have lost their excitement and hope after the address. According to them, they were looking out for a call for investigations into security officials who were brutalizing the unarmed protesters and a strong condemnation of the killings of protesters but he did not do that.

President Muhammadu Buhari only paid his last respects to Nigerian Police officials who died in line of duty, and mentioned that the concerns of protesters were being considered for implementation. “I am indeed deeply pained that innocent lives have been lost. These tragedies are uncalled for and unnecessary”, Buhari added.

As a result of the dissatisfaction of citizens in the address of the President, many took to social media to pour out their sentiments. Below are a few of them.

“Buhari didn’t have a word for the victims of the recent killings in Zamfara and across the north. That tells you how much he values those peddling disinformation to defend the indefensible” by Bulama Bukarti.

“Wow Oh my 🙄What was that? #EndsSARS” by Kadaria Ahmed.

“He didn’t even acknowledge them. Wow”, Music start, by Simi.

“No empathy. No hope. No apology. No accountability”, by Dipo Awojide.

“Not a word from Buhari @MBuhari about #EndSars protesters killed. Not a word about citizens killed in Zamfara. You still have doubt that this man cares for no one and everyone is feeling the effect of his incompetence?”, by Aisha Yesufu, a popular activist.

Buhari also assured citizens of the protection of their rights and freedoms and warned that people or groups who intend to cause trouble to disturb Nigeria’s peace will not be tolerated.

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