Nigerian Tech Genius Dies Just Days After Winning $125 Million US Government Contract

David Gbodi Odaibo a 42-year-old tech genius has been reported to have passed on after suffering a cardiac arrhythmia/heart attack whiles sleeping in his room.

According to reports the young man who had a lot of projects ahead of him was said to have won $125 Million US government contract which he was just about to start.

 Stephen Odaibo who is the brother of the deceased revealed that his brother did not die from coronavirus since they had both gotten vaccinated from the virus and were in good health.

The young man who is deceased was said to have left behind a wife and two young children after he was able to write an algorithm for automatically detecting threats at Airports to win a $125 million contract from the Department of Homeland security.

He was said to have won against companies who had the backing of many billions of dollars to conduct their project.

May his soul rest in peace.

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