Nigerian Actor Chinwetalu Agu Beaten By Soldiers For Wearing Biafra Regalia (Video)

Nigerian actor Chinwetalu Agu has been reported to have been arrested and beaten by some soldiers who saw him driving his car whiles wearing a Biafra regalia.

It is alleged that the soldiers brutalized him just because he was wearing a Biafra dress in public and also due to the fact that he engaged in a very heated argument with the military men.

According to eyewitnesses at the scene of the event, Chinwetalu Agu was driving in his production van from Upper Iweka Road in Onitsha when the officers stopped him and reportedly questioned him for wearing the Biafran regalia.

He was said to have been made to step down from the car after which they started questioning him for wearing the dress and finally ended up beating and mishandling him.

Watch the video below;

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