NAM1 Is Not In Trouble – Menzgold debunks

Gold dealership firm, MenzGold has debunked reports on their CEO, Nana Appiah Mensah (NAM1) facing a new suit in Dubai hence delaying his return to Ghana.

Communication directorate of MenzGold debunked reports NAM1 has been sued by a Pakistani in Dubai.

Earlier, there were reports NAM1 has won a case against another company in Dubai and set to receive some payment. In a new report by ABCNewsGh, they claimed NAM1 has not won any case against the gold firm and was not even in court neither was he going to receive any payment.

But in a statement issued by the Communication Team of MenzGold debunking the news, it said the story is false and has no iota truth in it.

According to the statement issued by Menzgold, NAM 1 has not been sued and that the reports are part of attempts to smear their CEO with negativity.

The statement also urged clients of the Gold Dealership firm to be circumspect in their channels for information and treat them as their only true source of information.

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