Menzgold Investors Chase NAM1 Look Alike

At the funeral of Anokye Supremo, a young man who looks like NAM1 was almost harassed as some thought he was the infamous Nana Appiah Mensah, so they started rushing to him to pay their monies he owes them.

With NAM1 in Dubai prison facing a misdemeanor charge, it’s surprising that anyone would think that, he would even be present at a funeral of someone who was neither close to him or even related to him.

The young man who shares some resemblance with the embattled CEO of Menzgold was interviewed by Kofi TV, where he explained what had happened.

“Because of what happened, I’m afraid when I step out at times. Some time ago, we went to do some work at some place and one guy came there looking for NAM1 because he has heard he is around to shoot a movie. It took the director to go and convince them that that isn’t NAM1. Because of that, I had to leave the set to save my life”. Abbrah recounted his challenge.
He maintained that he doesn’t know the real NAM1 and that he’s no way related to him, so people should stop mistaking him as NAM1.
Watch the video below:


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