“Medikal wanted us to fake our breakup but I refused” – Sister Derby recounts

‘Kakalika love’ singer Deborah Vanessa, well known as Sister Derby has dropped a bombshell on how Medikal once upon a time wanted them to pull a stunt for hype.

Medikal, we all know is a lover of stunts and attention. I can’t recall the number of times he has ‘intentionally’ broken up with Fella prior to the release of his songs, but they are as many as the love songs he has released.

Well, now we know it has always been in his blood, he just needed a childish partner in crime to execute such stunts.

Sister Deborah has revealed her former boyfriend wanted them to pull a breakup stunt on several occasions when they were dating.

The ‘Uncle Obama’ singer said she didn’t accept the suggestion made by Medikal for some reasons.

She told Arnold Mensah Elavanyo in an interview that she is not used to doing negative things for publicity.

Again, Derby stated that she didn’t want to attract any bad energy because whatever you say manifests.

She added that it was part of her reasons for not believing Medikal and Fella had broken up.

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