This Is How Jesus Wants Me To Live – Man who dresses like a woman reveals (full video)

Wonders shall never end – A full grown Nigerian man who dresses like a woman who went viral sometime ago is back! This time around he has supported his way of life saying it is a direction from Jesus Christ.

The crossdresser was once upon a time seen in a video explaining that he now has a white man as his boyfriend after lots of relationships with Nigerian men who do not treat him well. When he was asked to show his knickers, he went on to show his bare buttocks because he was not wearing any underwear.

Man who dresses like a woman reveals
Man who dresses like a woman reveals

Well, his return sees him in a latest video talking about Jesus Christ.

According to him, Jesus Christ imbibed such an attitude within his veins so he feels happy whenever he cross dresses.

The cross dresser who is a Nigerian lives in UK. He exhibited how he walks when he cross dresses so proudly.

Nigerian has a lot of cross dressers and many keeps on popping up on the internet most often.

See how this one carries himself around:

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