Man proposes to his girlfriend on stage at Teni’s show in London (video)

Love is a beautiful thing, and we encourage everyone to fall in love if they can. In this modern era, proposals mean a lot to ladies, especially where the proposal is taking place, that alone can force the lady to say yes.

A guy took the whole proposal game to the A-level when he decided to propose to his girlfriend in front of the world.

He actually chose to propose to his lovely girlfriend during Teni’s performance on stage at her recent show in London when she was performing her latest song ‘Marry’.

Teni had to pause her performance and allow the guy to take the center stage whiles they called his girlfriend from the stands.

She came on stage unaware of the guy’s intentions, immediately, he went on his knees and asked the ‘serious question’ and fortunately enough, she said ”YES!”

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