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“Lucifer was not a bad name..” – Ohemaa Mercy explains

Many know Lucifer to be the name of the rejected angel who was sacked from Heaven for acting arrogant – according to the Bible.

Alternatively, many have come to call this angel Lucifer, Satan, and has now become the enemy of the world per religious stories told on how he looks and what he does.

He is well known to be tagged with all the negative things one can imagine in this world, unless for an atheist – even some of them blame Lucifer lowkey.

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Well, Gospel musician, Ohemaa Mercy, ahead of her much anticipated Tehillah Experience has explained why many hate the name Lucifer.

 Ohemaa Mercy
Ohemaa Mercy

According to the gospel musician, Lucifer wasn’t a bad name until the angel bearing the name changed his attitude in Heaven, making the name a bad one.

She made this revelation in an interview on Hitz Fm with Andy Dosty. She said, “ Lucifer was not a bad name until the personality of the one bearing the name affected the name. “


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