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Funny Face got his twins through an implant? – Baby Mama drops filla (video)

Many have wondered how a one-minute man, Funny Face, came about his twins after his first marriage failed due to his inability to satisfy and make babies as alleged by his ex-wife.

Well, it appears there’s more to how those babies came about, and his baby mama has already given netizens a clue as to how it all happened.

Funny Face and his baby mama, Vanessa Nana Ama are all over the place with their re-ignited feud which commenced yesterday.

Gossips24.com has extensively reported on all the happenings, but one thing we couldn’t miss was the exact words of Nana Ama in the recent video shared by Funny Face which sees his baby mama revealing what she actually did for Funny Face to get his twins.

Apparently, Nana Ama is being called an ungrateful being by Funny Face who felt he brought some relevance into Nana Ama’s life after their union which led to the birth of his twins – Ella and Bella.

However, in the course of the fight, Nana Ama, who felt disrespected by the comedian’s utterances revealed she sacrificed a lot for Funny Face even to the extent of allowing herself to be impregnated by someone else’s semen – what we refer to as artificial insemination.

It is becoming obvious that Funny Face has been fighting so hard to gain custody of the kids because he fears his cover might be blown – well, it’s finally been blown and we can’t wait for more secrets to be revealed in the coming days.

SOURCE: Gossips24.com

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