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Lilwin hits hard at Kwaku Manu once again; Tells him to end the jealousy and hate he has developed for him (video)

Lilwin who is still bitter at the criticisms and name-calling he suffered in the studios of UTV over the weekends during his clash with his senior colleagues in the movie industry, has taken swipes at Kwaku Manu after the back and forth banter they engaged in.

According to Lilwin, Kwaku Manu should accept his fate as an old entertainer whose glory has departed from him just like the once great Roman empire.

Lilwin further went on to allege that, Kwaku Manu is envious of his success because he has achieved more than him and has reached a milestone Kwaku can never attain.

The comic-actor also bragged about how he has been able to assemble more than 70 superstars to feature in his yet to be released and maiden series dubbed “Cocoa Season”.

Source: Gossips24.com

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