Netizens Ask Questions As Video Of Lilwin’s Half-Caste Kids Pop Up

Social media in-laws are concerned and feeling suspicious on Lilwin’s behalf after a new video of his adorable children popped up.

Lilwin’s beautiful and adorable kids and his new wife all feature prominently in the video.

The Kumawood star is a blessed man per the video.

However, social media users see something else entirely.

Netizens after watching the video claim that Lillwin shroud look into the paternity of his children

The actor has one dark kid who really looks like him but the other kids all look quite different.

Watch the video below…

One netizen said: “I think the small one is Lilwin child the other 2 from somewhere😂.”

Another added: “Are they all his kids or its a matter of different players coming together to form a team🤔”

This comes at a time Lilwin is making headlines over his brutal treatment of his first wife.

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