Lets Create Our Own Language To Enhance Development – Okyeame Kwame suggests

Hailed the Rap Doctor, Okyeame Kwame has lamented on Ghana government’s decision to consider French as a second official language for Ghana.

Reacting to the reports, the ‘Made In Ghana’ artist said such a move by the government is very disrespectful to our culture.

In a conversation with GhKasa.com, Rap Doctor mentioned that, learning another mans language doesn’t come easy and some Ghanaians are having issues with the English language.

Okyeame Kwame mentioned that, French can be encouraged for people to learn but he doesn’t think making it an official second language for the country is advisable.

“If we already have English, we can not official add French. However, we should use subtle ways to encourage people to learn French not to make it an official language”. He said.

He added that Ghanaian languages should be brought together and create a common unique language for the country so that Governement can rather consider instead of the French language.

“I know we have very very smart linguist and so many etymologist  in this country. I think that, we need to bring about a 100 of them together, create a Ghanaian language base on the percentage share of the tribes in Ghana and fuse it together to create one language. We can spend 10-20 years in doing this and we make that the official language of the people. Other countries like South Korea have created their own language and they are using it for development. We can also do same.” Okyeame Kwame added.

The musician went on to explain that all countries that have developed did so by using their own language as the official means of communication.

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