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Legon Girl Who Used Chalewote To Beat Her Boyfriend Has Allegedly Been Sleeping Around With Another Guy – FILLA!

Just few hours ago, videos of Karen, a lady who beat her boyfriend just because he chopped the akosua kumaa of her bestie went viral on social media.

Well, has sighted a wild allegation leveled against this same lady who made the whole world believe she was a saint and her guy was the devil.

Per a screenshot which has gone viral since Karen’s video popped up, she has also been sleeping around with another guy.

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A roommate of the guy who is also a side guy to Karen reacted to the Ga Lady’s video by releasing the filla.

He wrote; “This be the girl wey I say she dey moan for wonna room. My roommate eat saa”

Meaning, his roommate has been drilling Karen in their room and he sometimes hears her moaning.



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