Legon Student Beats Boyfriend With Chalewote For Cheating On Her With Ugly Girls (Part 1 to 3)

Legon is trending again on social media for the wrong reason. This month should be declared as a month for the University of Ghana, Legon.

As if BBC’s expose wasn’t enough, another video has emerged which sees a female student of Legon beating her boyfriend identified as Papa Kofi Owusu Kwarteng with slippers.

The reason for beating the guy with the slippers is because he cheated on her.

The lady bragged that she’s a Gã lady and that she won’t allow the guy to give her stress because ever since they started dating, all he brings her is stress.

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“If there’s any demon in your house, I’ll beat it out of you”, the lady said in the viral video.

To the surprise of many netizens, the guy never retaliated. He kept quite as the lady kept on smashing the slippers on his head.

Watch video below:

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