Lady Makes Revelation About How She Slept With Dead Corpse To Get Pregnant

A lady whose identity still remains anonymous has taken to social media to make a very chilling revelation about how she slept with a dead corpse for 6 months continuously so she can give birth.

The lady taking to social media revealed that she was frustrated after marring for many years without a child and was directed to a fetish priest who told her to sleep with a male dead person for six months after which she would give birth.

ACcording to the lady she agreed and found a mortuary man who he paid so he can sleep with one pf the corpse every night but she realized there was no sign of pregnancy after 6 months and was very disturbed.

She further went ahead to add that she later went to another spiritualist who gave her some medicine to drink which eventually got her pregnant.

Sharing her ordeal on social media the Nigerian identified simply as Adeabo wrote saying;

“I visited a sorcerer who told me I was under a generational curse and could only conceive if I slept with a dead man. After I thought about it for some time, I decided to try. I went to Ahero where I paid a mortuary attendant who arranged everything for me.”

“I did as I was instructed by the sorcerer. Honestly, it was the worst experience of my life. I wouldn’t t want any person to experience such. I gave up everything at the mercy of God.”

“One of my neighbours advised me to try a herbalist who has helped thousands of needy people. He gave me his contact. But with the previous nightmare, I went through, I was reluctant to take any step.

I was not ready to go through any terrifying encounter again. But I told myself, let me try it for the last time. I call the herbalist and he arranged the meeting. He put me on herbal medicine for four months. We are the happiest couple on earth now. We have our own children. I just don’t know how I can pay this herbalist

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