My Husband Refuses To Sleep With Me Even Tho I Sleep Nak3d-Lady

A devastated lady who is very much worried about her husband refusing to make love to her in the night has taken to Kumasi-based Akoma FM to speak about her ordeal.

According to the lady she is emotionally and sexually been starved by his husband who has refused to sleep with her despite all the effort that she puts into making her husband have s3x with her.

Speaking about the issue she revealed that the husband was made to marry her after she got pregnant for him. She further went ahead to reveal that fast forward after she gave birth the man has refused to make love to her as she is also lonely.

She further went ahead to add that she is sometimes soo sad that she locks herself up in their room and weeps like a baby just because she doesn’t understand why she would sleep nak3d and also behave very sexily to his husband but refuse all his advances.

Watch the video below;

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