Kasoa: Lady commits suicide and leaves an emotional message behind for her close friends

This week has certainly been tragic. In the space of just 4 days, we have recorded three shocking suicide cases and they are very heart rendering.

Sad news that is currently trending on the local digital space reports the death of a nice lady whose name has been given as Herty Eshun who lived at Kasoa.

In a WhatsApp message that has popped on the net that was first shared by one of her friends, Herty Eshun did intentionally bid her friends goodbye in a cryptic manner.

Sources also have it that her cryptic goodbye message triggered her friends to sense that something was wrong somewhere hence they immediately called her to find out if all was well at her end.

Even one of her male friends volunteered to talk to her till daybreak but unfortunately, since she had already made up her mind to commit suicide she couldn’t get saved by the comforting words from her friends.

Late Herty Eshun was very young and full of life. she was just aged 24.

Check out the screenshot below to know more…

Meanwhile, the mysterious death of 15-year old Leticia Pinaman and the 27-year-old teacher at Cape Coast still remains a puzzle to be solved.

Source: Gossips24.com

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