Ladies with tattoos, butt and b00bs Enlargement are like Dogs – Ibrah One

Ibrah One has roared once again by linking ladies with tattoos, a$$ & boobs enlargement to dogs.

According to the young billionaire, such things have become so common that dogs even wear them.

He added that the bodies of such ladies who have undergone the artificial transformation becomes so hard compared the the natural soft ones.

He went ahead to explain that girls like that do not get better husbands. The men only use them and dump them.

He wrote: “Tattoos, butt and boobs enlargement has become so common that even dogs do it. These things do not move me because when they do them it becomes hard; unlike the natural ones which are soft.

Ibrah during the peak of his wealth might have tasted all caliber of ladies both natural and artificial and hence knows what he is saying.

He wears no tattoos as well as his natural beautiful wife.

Screenshots below.

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