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Just Leave Samini Alone; He’s Man Enough To Endorse NPP And Nana Addo – Netizen

Even though Sarkodie’s “HappyDay” with Kuami Eugene has generated lots of comments, Samini’s own is totally straightforward because he dedicated it solely to the New Patriotic Party (NPP). Some social media users have, however, descended heavily on Samini for this bold endorsement: citing huge cash as a probable influence for the “Linda” crooner’s move.

On the contrary, some fans are also defending Samini and attacking those who disagree with him. One of such persons serving as an unsolicited legal practitioner to Samini on Facebook is called Eric.

Eric Toscar fumed;

***Yo Jibriel cut Samini some slack.

Samini doesn’t owe anyone an explanation for supporting NPP. It is not his right to see to it that the roads at Wa are fixed, it is not his fucking business. Your conscious effort to tarnish his image won’t work, forget it. You have chiefs, DCEs or MCEs, MPs and Regional Ministers, go and pressure them to do what you want and leave Samini alone.

Politics is about ideas, interest and discretion, what made you choose to follow Mahama and the NDC is not the same thing that made Zenator choose to follow the same NDC. You want better roads and Samini wants 1D1F, that be your choice and that’s his choice. The ideas and vision you vibe to is different from his.

You’ve been on the neck of Samini ever since he endorsed NPP, making it look like he destroyed the roads in your region. Leave him alone. I know for a fact that you would have been super glad and happy if he had endorsed your darling Mahama and NDC.

Sake of people like you wey make Mahama talk sey Ghanaians don’t know how to handle Celebrities in politics, yes you are a very good example.***

What’s your opinion on this?

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